Refractive beam shapers of the field mapping type find use in various industrial, scientific and medical applications, where generation of a collimated beam of uniform intensity is required. Due to their unique features, such as: low output divergence, high transmittance and flatness of output beam profile and extended depth of field, refractive field mappers may also be successfully used in combination with beam shaping optics of other operational principles. This combining makes it possible to improve drastically the performance of these beam shaping techniques.
Altechna – Lithuanian laser technology company group working in photonics and laser research since 1996. Metrology laboratory Vision – A network of businesses and science ventures acting in spirit of open innovations and forming global trends by means of photonic technologies. Mission – creating competitive advantage and added value to the customers by innovative solutions in light technologies
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Asahi Spectra supplies high-end optical filters and instruments for biomedical, fluorescence, solar cells, FPD inspection, lithography and astronomy. Our optical filters and instruments enhance the measurement capabilities of UV, VIS, and NIR ranges. We have developed our photonics tools for over 30 years, and are well known in Japan as one of the best optical solutions provider. We design, develop, and manufacture advanced interference filters as well as optical instruments. With our cutting-edge technology which has been developed by meeting our major customers’ requirements, we are passionate about contributing to the development of the US optical industry.
Asahi Spectra
asphericon is one of the leading manufacturers of aspherical components using CNC-technology. The basis of our production process is a technology developed by asphericon implementing CNC grinding and polishing machinery, which has the ability to simulate polishing operations. State-of-the-art CNC equipment enables us to produce different convex and concave surface forms. The asphericon technology enables us to make high level aspheres for application into high standard optical devices as well as high quantity production for mass market.
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Cambridge Technology designs, develops, and manufactures leading-edge laser beam steering solutions including galvanometer and polygon optical scanning components, 2-axis and 3-axis scan heads, scanning subsystems, high power scanning heads, and controlling hardware and software. Our company partners with OEM customers to deliver scanning solutions that support advanced industrial processes, electronics, and laser-based medical applications.
Cambridge Technology
CINOGY is specialized in the research & development, manufacturing and the worldwide sales of products in the high growth market: Laser Beam Profiling. Based on many years of experience, CINOGY can benefit from a profound know-how to fulfil almost any beam profiling requirement. CINOGY has a worldwide presence with sales partners throughout Europe, USA and Asia to provide our customer’s with the high-quality beam profiling solutions.
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Gooch & Housego is a manufacturer of precision optical components based upon a number of key enabling technologies. •Precision Optics •Optical Coatings •Acousto Optics •RF Electronics •Electro Optics •Fibre Optics •Single Crystal Growth Formed from leading established companies in these complementary technologies, Gooch & Housego is a leading supplier of critical components to the world's major optical and laser system manufacturers.
Gooch & Housego
GEOMATEC has cultivated vacuum coating technologies as a pioneer in the industry. GEOMATEC crafts its advanced technological expertise and production system by supporting new products that are endlessly released into the world. GEOMATEC's expanding coating business is bolstered by GEOMATEC's solid, highly transparent management base.
greenTEG’s technology is in development at ETH Zurich since 2002. Based on promising prototypes Wulf Glatz, Etienne Schwyter, Lukas Durrer and Peter Stein founded greenTEG in 2009. Since then the company has ramped up its production (starting 2011) and successfully launched numerous products. Our team is highly educated, interdisciplinary and driven by bringing a new technology to a broad customer base. We have a world-wide distributor network. All our products are made in Switzerland and RoHS conform.
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武漢華日精密激光股份有限公司(Wuhan Huaray Precision Laser Co.,Ltd.)是華工科技旗下的一家先進固體激光器專業製造商,秉承“匯聚全球智慧,實現中國智造”的理念,華日在全球範圍内尋求技術資源,經過與國際頂尖器件供應商的緊密合作以及持續的制程優化與創新,在中國實現高可靠產品的批量交付,全系列產品均具有自主知識產權。
Laservision - We Protect Your Eyes

Laservision designs and manufacturers a complete line of laser safety protection products including laser safety eyewear, laser safety glasses, laser safety goggles, laser safety face shields, laser viewing sheets and windows, laser safety barrier systems and laser safety training.

All Laservision's products are distributed across the globe to customers in medicine, industry, research and the military. Laservision develops and manufactures products for laser users, distributors and manufacturers or integrators.

The staff of Laservision takes particular pride in customer service and the ability to develop solutions tailored specifically to customer requirements. Our Certified Laser Safety Officers (CLSO) are always available to assist the customer worldwide. We are the laser safety experts and will continue in our leadership of safety products and expert staff.
Melsytech is an advanced-technology enterprise, established in 2010. At the outset of its development and manufacturing activities the company was engaged in industrial fiber measurement equipment. Today Melsytech focuses on design, development and manufacturing of solid state laser systems and semiconductor lasers of various complexity, including multi-wave and tunable lasers.Our systems are widely used across such applications as cosmetology, healthcare, industrial (metal cutting, treatment or welding), production of measurement devices. Melsytech is constantly alert for new opportunities and new applications, working hard to satisfy original customer requirements.For these years our organization has built a team of highly qualified specialists with related expertise, of doctorate and highest degree among others. In 2016, as a part of the business development strategy the company moved to a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with a total area of 1800 sq/m, that houses all the production stages, including laboratory and design & development. In case customer requirements go beyond our serial products’ characteristics, or specify laser emission at wavelengths, that are not traditionally used, we can offer solutions to meet such specific needs quicjly and effectively. Our company runs testing of all manufactured modules and systems to warrant high quality, reliability, easy operation, and extended service life, as well as compliance with international standards of every single product.
Optogama is a high-tech company, that designs, develops and commercializes custom laser products and develops technologies for laser applications, analytical & spectroscopy instrumentation, automotive, sensing and material processing applications.
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武漢銳科光纖激光器技術有限責任公司(簡稱“銳科激光”)是中國第一家,也是目前中國最大的專門從事高功率光纖雷射及核心器件研發和規模化生產的企業。自2007年創建以來,已先後研發出10-100W脈衝光纖雷射和50-4000W連續光纖雷射兩大系列產品,並形成年產4000台脈衝雷射和500台中高功率連續雷射的規模和能力。公司2010年通過ISO9001:2008質量體系認證,多個產品被列為國家重點新產品和湖北省名牌產品,並於2010年通過歐盟CE認證,部分產品遠銷美洲,歐洲,以及日本,韓國等亞洲國家和地區。 銳科激光具有國際一流的研發團隊和研發實力,擁有三位“千人計劃”國家特聘專家和一批多年從事高功率光纖雷射及其關鍵器件和電源研究的頂尖專家和優秀工程師。公司擁有多項世界領先的專利技術,主持承擔了國家科技支撐計劃,國家重大科技專項和國家“863”計劃等項目的研究,四項成果通過省部級鑒定,一項成果獲得湖北省科技進步一等獎,受到國家和業界的高度關註,胡錦濤總書記和溫家寶總理等黨和國家領導人對銳科激光在高功率光纖雷射研發和產業化方面取得的成就給予高度肯定。2011年公司獲得國務院僑辦頒發的“重點華僑華人創業團隊”稱號。2012年光纖雷射湖北省工程研究中心落戶武漢銳科。 銳科激光一貫秉承“立足國內,拓展國際”的市場戰略,堅持“銳意進取,科技創新”的企業精神,以研發和生產高品質多樣化適合各類工業加工用高功率光纖雷射產品為使命。目前,銳科激光正在武漢未來科技城(國家批覆的四個產業水平最高的人才創新創業基地之一)加快建設中國光纖雷射產業基地,我們的目標是持續引領中國高功率光纖雷射的發展,努力打造中國人自己的光纖雷射品牌,力爭成為世界一流的光纖雷射製造商。
Raycus 銳科激光
Since its start in 1984, Synrad has delivered more CO2 lasers to industry than any other manufacturer. Founded by Peter Laakmann, who pioneered the RF-excited CO2 laser, Synrad has come to be recognized as a leader in the development of sealed CO2 lasers and electro-optics technologies. Based on our patented "All Metal" tube technology, there are now over 150,000 Synrad lasers in use throughout the world
Standa Ltd. was founded in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1987 and now has more than 150 employees working at the company. Standa has it's own industrial base that includes CNC turning, milling, grinding machines. Standa's design department, while developing standard products presented in Standa's catalogue (such as motorized and manual translation and rotation stages, motion controllers, optical tables, vibration isolation systems, optical mounts and holders, optics, dpss lasers and etc.) also develops the equipment for OEM customers. Company Standa and its partners from the Lithuanian Laser and Light Science and Technology Association have extensive scientific and technological potential, which allows developing and manufacturing innovative products of excellent quality.
ULO Optics is a one-stop source of CO2 Laser Optics, Beam Delivery Equipment and Mid-IR Optics for Thermal Imaging and Sensing, focusing on delivering cutting edge and tailored solutions to our customers. We are independently owned and dedicated to providing world class quality products and excellent customer service.
ULO Optics
The Vortran Laser Technology, Inc, Stradus™ family of lasers represents the finest (the Stradivari) lasers available. Technological advances in the Stradus™ lasers represent the culmination of over 78 years of Photonics Development experience by the R&D staff. The Stradus™ family of laser diode modules is truly an advanced 2nd generation product. Unparalleled stability in output power versus time as well as beam pointing stability versus time and temperature make the Stradus™ lasers the optimum choice for the most demanding flow-cytometry, medical diagnostics, confocal spectroscopy, bio-fluorescence, industrial. and general laboratory R&D applications.
Z-LASER is the German manufacturer of laser sources for innovative customized applications: • Laser for positioning (industry and trade) • Lasers for machine vision • Laser projectors for positioning (industry and trade) • Customized lasers (OEM laser solutions) today Z-LASER is also successful in a wide range of new and innovative sectors, which require high-end laser technology and designs: • Medical • Food & Beverage • Biophotonics • Logistics / Assembly • Robotics • Gas analysis • Electronics • Science & Research • 3D Measurement Our intelligent systems, consisting of mechanic electronics and optics, allow us to cover customer requirements, leading to a high differentiation compared to our competitors.